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TEMPR (thermal, elemental, mechanical, physical and rheological) facility

Thermal, Elemental, Mechanical, Physical and Rheological (TEMPR) Facility is the world-class central facility for the bulk characterization of biological, soft and hard materials.

Thermal- Impact of temperature on phase, mass, composition, evolved gases, reactivity and equilibria, shape and density
Elemental-The H-U elemental composition of bulk and thin film materials
Mechincal- response of a material to applied mechanical forces ( strength, toughness, hardness, modulis and viscoelasticity)
Phyical- Surface area, porosity, density, particle size and shape, polydispersity, surface charge and dielectric constant
Rheological- The viscosity and flow.deformation of soft matter, include polymers, suspensions, tissue, blood goo

TEMPR: including a set of instruments for materials property meassurement such as Thermal, Elemental, Mechanical, Physical and Rheological properties