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Gatan Dimple Grinder II -model 657

Gatan  Dimple Grinder II is located in room 1121 Engineering Hall  (building 308 on UCI campus map).

The model 657 Dimple Grinder II from Gatan is a precision instrument used to produce circular dimples (spherical or flat-bottomed profile) in materials such as ceramics, semiconductors, metals, and combinations thereof. The principle application is in the preparation of transmission electron microscope (TEM) specimens. When specimens are mechanically dimpled prior to final thinning, the finished specimen has a more uniform thickness, has a larger than usual electron-transparent area, and is very robust with a thick rim surrounding the central thin region. In the case of neutral particle, beam thinning systems, the time required for final thinning is significantly reduced with dimpling.

With most metals, a 20 μm specimen can be obtained by dimpling and the mechanical damage introduced into the specimen surface by the grinding action is removed with additional final thinning by electro polishing, ion-beam thinning, etc. A final specimen thickness of <5 μm can routinely be produced by a careful operator.

More details may be found at the Gatan Website.