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Angstrom Engineering EvoVac Glovebox Evaporator

Angstrom Engineering EvoVac glovebox-integrated thermal and electron beam evaporator located in room 1301 of Calit2 is capable of depositing planar and nano/microstructured thin films of a wide range of materials, including metals, oxides,and organics. Its key features include the following:

-6-pocket electron beam evaporation source and 3 thermal evaporation sources with integrated shutters, multiple deposition rate monitors, and co-deposition capability.
-Variable angle substrate stage (0.1 degree tilt angle precision; up to 6 inch diameter wafers) appropriate for glancing angle deposition (GLAD) technique for fabricating nanostructured thin films.
-Substrate heating to 400C.
-Integrated 4-glove glove box for manipulating/loading air sensitive samples.
-Excellent automation and software control of multi-step deposition recipes.